Jan 7, 2008

Steady Steppin in 2007

This is our year in review....in photos:

We started off by getting a space:

Click to see more photos!

it started off as blahhhh

and it flourished eventually

we held our spring swap at soundwave studios

where we had our fugly fashion show

cannibus cup for 420

i'm in love with the bartender...with the rockill apron!

the trashlings landed in may at the swap-o-rama-rama

and we help folks get creative

we got down with some schoolyard scholarz

all ages baby! kids supportin kids!

we tapped into the club scene at cuccini's

where the girlz get wild

we rubbed elbo's in rooms where drunk dudes buy our stuff

where barbacks support us

and where ninja masks get stolen

we took a road trip to hustle in a bowl of roses

and went back to school with the homies at HG high

we loved our bodies in berkeley

and did some soul/sole swappin

some collabin to make it happen

2008's mantra.


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