Oct 5, 2008

Bay Area Guide to Independent Fashion Festival

Catch us hustlin' our newest thangs at the
Bay Area Guide to Independent Fashion Festival this Saturday!

Saturday, October 11
12–7 pm
Yerba Buena Gardens Forum & Grand Lobby
$10 / $3 with Gallery Admission / FREE for YBCA Members

Shop from over 40 different local designers and know where your swagger comes from!

Click to get a sneak peak of some of our new gear!

Check back to see the photos soon!.

Jul 10, 2008

What'd you cop at the Soulstice Swap?

Swappers looking at the media section.
The chick in the jean jacket got her denim custom silkscreened by Rockill at the last Soul Swap!

For our summer "Soulstice Swap", we decided to change things up a bit and make our event an all-day thang. While that meant 7 hours of blood rain and beer for Homeygrown, it also allowed for more room and less crowd for swappers. I know that one problem of a swap that I attended in SF was that it was WAY TOO CROWDED! You felt like you had to throw elbows just to look at a stanky ass shirt! Some people like the adreniline rush of having to fight over clothing, but we're going to leave that to the hardcore swappers.

At Homeygrown swaps, you can take your time, try things on, munch on free munchies, see who picked up your old duds, and get drinks and custom silkscreening for hella cheap. We'll even let you silkscreen yourself!

Wanna see what fun we had? Click the link for photos and fun!

First of all, it ain't no Homeygrown swap unless we have our signature drink, "Blood Rain"!

Killa Stormz mixin it up!

We even showed Miss Smurf how it's done.

Then of course, we need some funky grooves, and we have DJ Ellen to thank for that!

DJ OohChild came through for a bit and manned the tables.

Homeygrown knows hospitality. We had freshly rolled veggie sushi, or "Sooshe" for swappers.

Sooshe Schef Stormz in his freshly copped kimono. We so authentic!

Liz Loca, the Homeygrown publicist, served punch cocktails on a silver platter to refresh our guests. Word is that folks got so excited that they knocked over the whole tray!

So after folks get their buzz and grub on, they dig through mountains of semi-organized clothes and such.

This little boy came in with his mama and felt the groove right away! He boogied for a good hour or so, then found this board and carefully practiced his balance.

He didn't end up taking it home, but Spaceman Cell sure did, especially since no one swapped any Ice Cream or Bape wear for him to cop!

Yes, at this swap, there were a few kiddos, but we warned the parents of the dangers that were present. For instance, the porn DVDs mixed up with children's books:

We still wanna know who picked up Barely Legal! Confess!

In the mountains of the swapped, here's what some folks copped:

Jim the Cleaner uncovered his newly found identity "Fernando" from Eel Orks, or is it Wheel Works?

Liz and Melissa, one of the beautiful brains behind the swap, found where their hearts belong.

Folks must not love NY anymore! But Tiph and Liz got leftover lovin' for the Big Apple.

Stormz in his newly found velour Rocawear pimpfit.

These ladies know how to chill with the homies! Here they're already rockin' what they copped!

Someone swapped this sweet wig, and she ended up wearing it for a good portion of the night. Check out that mountain of tops behind her!

Juan, one of our favorite homies, modeled some fabulous finds from the mens' mountain.
Check out this sweater!

For the buff:

After Juan modeled this jacket, dude from Triple Crown Clothing swiped it!

This jacket was so touching it brought a tear to the eye. It's so central!

These two folks know how to boogey, especially when Michael Jackson comes on. We're not sure if he got his bangin' fit at the swap (love them pants and colors), but we do know that she copped that apron from Rockill's swappables.

Killa Stormz copped this Killafornia t-shirt from Thor....but wait, there's more! Way back in 2004, when Homeygrown was first sprouting, this dude, who actually taught DJ Ellen how to spin, bought a fresh horse art piece from Stormz on Telegraph Ave.! Serendipity! He confirmed that the horse is still a well-loved art piece that has travelled with him from house to house.

Here's the horse piece:

Queen Gail picked up her crown that was swapped by the littlest homey, Jada.

Now, swapping around wasn't the best part, because you know Homeygrown does it up! Check out how we made the old into the new:

A look at the silkscreening station.

Rockill uses her legs to help her stabalize her print:

And the finished pants:

He came in and knew exactly where and how he wanted his prints! That's wassup!

Sorry if drying your shirts hurts your back!

A few of his newly transformed shirts:

Homey Ashley likes to feel her art.

She can do it all by herself.

He can do it all by himself too! We're glad that folks can actually see how we do it, then do it themselves. DIY BABY!

She copped this pretty dress and made it even prettier with Homeygrown prints!

What the heck are they printing on?

That's hella clean! Rockill printed on Gail's trunk cover! Gotta have something fresh to hide all that junk in your trunk!

By the end of the night, we were pooped. We mentioned a fashion show at 9PM but felt too drained to follow through. Until this little sweetie tapped Melissa on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me. I heard we were having a fashion show and it's already 9." You know we had to throw on something fun and proceed with our tradition!

Roma kept us young and lively. Here she's rockin' a freshly printed tank top and swapped skirt.

Stormz...not only a sushi chef and bartender...he's also an emcee!

Roma modeled for everyone.

Fernando rocked his mask.

All of the models rockin' the swaps.

After the fashion show was the official end of the night, which meant clean up!

We kept it true to Soundwave Studios tradition by throwing some bras on the lighting tracks.

Dave and Melissa taking a rest on Mac Dre's couch. Forreal, that's really his leather couch. Sorry, that can't be swapped!

These two called their homies up and were still dancing until we turned the music off. Hella fun!

We always like to make things interactive, so we put up a graffiti wall for folks to fill out what they swapped and what they copped.

Here's what folks wrote:

- Charlie Watts + The Doors
- Bag of shit
- Some saliva
- Rockill fits
- Guns 'N Roses Tee
- Tall Tee- LMAO
- The screwed up DVD player (that works sometimes)
- My mom's 80s hoochie tops
- Pistol Belt
- Ass-play

- A feel
- A crazy green alpaca hoodie!! Bang!
- Hella stuff
- A Hello Kitty phone...thanks Smurf
- Fernando wuz here
- A pleather tube top! & cheetah print sexy time clothes
- A sexy grey button up
- A bag of rocks
- Red sex shirt
- Barely Legal vol. 60 (WHO ARE YOU??)
- A "Jesus is my Homeboy" shirt
- 5 outfits
- Some blue brown white in a brown bag
- Two hoodies- one I got silkscreened w/ a HOMEYGROWN

and..there were many sketches and doodles of random things, like male anatomy.

If you came to the swap, let us know what you copped! Send photos, tell stories, whatever! We swapped souls with you, so please share!

Our next swap will be around wintertime, so keep posted party peoples!