Dec 25, 2007

Seemless Homeygrown Collab at Fluid Fashion Show

What a better way to celebrate Artiffact's birthday than with a fashion show?

Seemless clothing invited Homeygrown to take a small part in a fashion show at Fluid Lounge in SF on 12/20/07.

Shout out to Cell for hookin us up!

This show featured the debut of a [Seemless x Homeygrown] collab...

artiffact twisted a few mens shirts into some sexy wears for the ladies.

these are just a few pics taken off of the photographer's website. keep posted for an update with other exclusive photos!

Cierra & birthday girl shoulda seen what she's hiding under that big ass sweater!

Click to see more photos:

Schoodies everywhere!

The VIP room.

MK checkin out the fly ass collab top by artiffact!

Logan lookin lovely!

Cierra lookin like some ice cream!

Hologram light bulb. Hoody halter.

hooded tunic by artiffact. virgin mary apron by rockill [SOLD].

red/white/blue schoody by artiffact [SOLD]. mini-apron by rockill.

Get your freak on in homeygrown!


grey/houndstooth schoody [SOLD]
modeled by eileen

a polka dot tunic for good luck in the new year
modeled by belin.

all about the benjamins schoody
modeled by arnelle.

floral striped hooded tunic
modeled by logan

red/white/blue schoody [SOLD]
yellow mini-apron
modeled by Tiffany

turquoise/red hearts schoody [SOLD]
modeled by kim

Seemless x Homeygrown collab flashing lights halter hoody

Seemless x homeygrown collab hooded halter dress
Modeled by Ashley

we hope this paves to way for collabin' with more brands....especially using used, leftover, or the "mess-up" pieces, so we can recreate it into something new!

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