Jun 20, 2007

Swap-O-Rama-Rama at Maker Faire

What a fun time of the year!

We had so much fun at the Swap-O-Rama-Rama last year, we couldn't wait until this one came around. This time, we didn't have to bring our own machines because Janome supplied some, although I brought my serger (it's no fun without one). I even went home with a Janome, and about two bags of scraps!

(Rockez with our new machine)

We saw new and old faces. Heather helped Wendy out this year and was totally accomodating to our sewing needs. We set up our Trashlings next to Christine, a familiar face from our Spring Swap Not Shop. And of course, Remade in America screened for the masses. Too bad we didn't get anything screened for ourselves, although we got to rummage through a huge bag of scraps from them and Patchwerk Press.

We will always take your trash!

(Tiph fixing our Trashling station)

So besides creating Trashlings, folks came by with creative sewing ideas, which we helped make into reality. Look at what some of these people made:

A tube top from a skirt...I swear we helped her out last year!

She don't need a sewing machine...just hot glue!
Peep the can tabs and bread tabs she glued on from our collection!

And this is the most creative reuse of a bra:

She has never sewn before, yet volunteered for the event and worked so diligently to make that top! The lacey sleeves used to be the cups of an old grandma bra, and the lacey detail in the middle came from the same bra. Genius!

Next: creative reuse of those dreadful things....SHOULDER PADS!

This was just ONE of the lovely things she made. She used old shoulderpads to make ears for this funky hat. Hot glue and lots of random thingies made this hat TOTALLY zany!

So zany, that Jada wanted one too! (as well as a pom-pom bra!)

Another highlight was seeing the same mommy and daughter that I helped out last year. The last swap was the first time mom ever touched a sewing machine, so it was good to see her back and sewing more for her daughter!

Although the swap was spectacular, the downside was that we were so busy swapping and sewing that we didn't have a chance to explore the faire! Just walking through the faire to get to the swap stimulated our minds. I loved the giant nosepicker with the hamster wheel (Jada picked the nose!) and the city scape van. Good thing we sent out our agents Stormz, Kev, and Jada to explore and report back to us.

Peep the next posting for pictures from the fashion show.
We'll post last years photos eventually, just to be nostalgic!

Love, Tiph "Artiffact"

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