Jun 21, 2007

Longest day of the year...

At the Greenhouse...where we grow.

The more light there is, the more creative we get...
We've been hard at work making new designs for the summer. We won't unleash them just yet...but if you come to the Eligh Show at the Elbo Room this Saturday, you might see just a few of them.

We have a new work space, "The Greenhouse" (aka Stormz casa) where we burn all of our screens.

Since it's also Mercury retrograde, let us reflect on our past.

We won't forget where we came from, and what we've learned along the way. Here is a brief history of where we've created screens and printed in the past:

- Over's bathroom and bedroom floor, where it all began

- Tiph's backyard and garage

- Davao, Philippines

- Charity and Ezra's studio

- Lobot Gallery with RPS

- Wesley St. by the Lake

- Our shop, of course

on Wesley St, our old studio.

We want this list to grow with more peoples and places!!

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