Mar 1, 2009

Thank you for swapping with us!

Thank you to all who came and swapped with us last night. We had about 80 swappers throughout the evening, and it seemed like the clothes kept coming!

Did you come to the swap? We'd love it if you could share stories and photos of what you swapped and what you copped and let us know what you got silkscreened. We'd especially appreciate any photos of the event so we can post it on the site. Remember, swapping is not only about physical items, but also about your stories, joys, and documentation of your experience. Any feedback would also be wonderful. Since we throw these events twice a year, we want to know what YOU want!

As always, we had some questions on the wall for folks to share. Read the rest for some swappers' last goodbyes to their goods and find out what was found in the giant piles.

Say your last goodbye to what you swapped:
- A farewell to the "lucky" college army jacket. You served me well!
- Bye $70 jacket I never wear
- To all the things I never long suckers!!! =)
- Ugly red & green sweater, you served me well, it was time for you to move on. thanx.
- Goodbye non-vegan leather jacket. You were hard so hard to get rid of but I know you have found a good home. Thanx to the lesbians who originally sold it to me for $4. Pay it forward!
- Tacky trendy tops too terrific to trash." (Great alliteration!)

What did you cop today?
- An awesome sweater screened with a tree!
- New jeans!
- Hella new shit! Thank you much <3!
- "Bunches of awesomeness"
- !kcor syug uoy !hcum os uoy knahT
- Some great sweaters/long sleeve shirts, top gun jacket & Fox backpack not yet chewed on by a dog =)
- Cute comfy shoes, sweater, velour pants, cool tank- thanks!
- Shoes! Books!
- A fly flashy track jacket that apparently belonged to Rockill. Thanks girl!
- Phat laces
- Utility long johns top
- Khaki-colored tunic dress that I plan to draw on =)
- A punk rock leather jacket
- The cup: VHS

Add to these lists and keep the stories coming!


Unknown said...

a vintage white collar sweater that my man pimped out this morning... so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Black heels and a sexy skirt suit. Ready to run for president! Plus lavendar sequin slippers to knock around in with my new white frilly blouse. Oh baby!

Anonymous said...

Recently published book on the Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee and DVD of Goldie Hawn. movies.

Anonymous said...

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Happy swapping! xxx

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