May 18, 2008

Makin' Fashion Happen at Maker Faire

One of the best parts of the Swap-o-Rama-Rama at Maker Faire is the fashion show.

It's so fun gathering a group of homies who love to show off homeygrown gear!

We hate being part of a boring, cookie-cutter show, and by far, this show every year just gets more and more entertaining. The models are fun and fabulous, and the other designers always have such amazing recycling techniques. As Homeygrown's outfits blend the old with the new (how our daily fashion often looks like), we hope other folks who strictly buy brand new will adopt the recycled, one-of-a-kind, DIY philosophy....even if it's one just item of clothing.

We invited super cool photograher Amber Wolf, aka Chipmonkey, to take photos of anything and everything....and here's how she saw homeygrown's fashions that day!

Click below see more fashion photos from Swap-o-Rama-Rama Fashion Show!

Lookin' this good takes just a few minutes of gettin' ready:

First, Smurf paints her

Then, like a good wifey, she helps hubby put his robe on.

Be careful with those pins!

In all the huge mess around us, we manage to find a fork to comb Jada's hair.

She hated her fork-combed bangs! (but just for the first 10 minutes)

Before the fashion show, we rounded up all of our models for a photo shoot.

On Bianca:
- Halter top: an old lady sailor dress turned golden with buzzard print and upholstery trim- by Artiffact
- Apron: a vintage blouse turned housewife with sewing heart print- by Rockill
- Gloves: vintage Artiffact
- Skirt: Urban Outfitters (model's)
- Shoes: Converse (model's)

On Brian:
- Jacket: Pizza Hut delivery uniform with zebra buzzard print patch, Philippine eagle and wave printed on back- by Artiffact & Stormz
- T-shirt: white-v-neck- (model's)
- Jeans: (model's)
- Shoes: purple satin Vans (model's)
- Hat- Huf (model's)

On Jada:
- Top: old white girly tee with printed hearts- by Artiffact
- Skirt: cheetahlicious dress scraps- by Artiffact
- Scarf- vintage Artiffact
- Leggings- Justice (model's)

On Miss Mai:
- Top: grandma's sweater turned sexy 20 minutes before the fashion show- by Artiffact
- Pencil skirt: other half of old lady sailor dress with upholstery suspenders- by Artiffact
- Gloves- vintage Ariffact
Garter- scrap lace and trim - by Rockill
- Shoes- (model's)
- lace scarf- (model's)

On Melissa:
- Halter top: old lady sailor dress with printed hearts- by Artiffact
- Apron: remnant cheetah fabric with scrap lace and printed Rockill butterfly- by Rockill
- Garters: scrap lace and shoelaces- by Rockill
- Skirt: thrifted by Artiffact
- shoes: thrifted by Rockill
- Gloves: vintage Artiffact

On Crystal:
- Top: great-aunt's cruise top turned tunic with rainbow hoodie & sailor bow- by Artiffact
- Armwarmers: left-over sleeves, flipped around- by Artiffact

On Smurf:
- Full Apron: vintage fabric old enough to be your grandma- by Rockill
- Hat: scraps of grandma fabric- by Rockill
- Gloves: $1 + lace scraps

On Mick (aka Bif):
- Robe: old cuddly thing with enough ties for a conference- by Artiffact
- Slippers: someone's grandma's cozies- by Mick

pep talk

another model just rollin' by...

Next up are photos from the actual fashion show. We rarely get to see things from this point of view....we're always behind the scenes....thanks Amber!

First was Jada, third year fashion show veteran....doin' her dance.

Crystal modeled TWICE in the show!

A happy family with their trashling baby!

Amber took so many more photos that day, we'll be sure to post photos of the actual swap.

We're also selling some of our wears from the fashion show, check out our etsies:

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