Apr 21, 2008

Oakland High School Senior Project

This month has been quite busy for us. On top of swaps, events, and vending, we were contacted by an Oakland High School student to style her senior project. Nowadays, seniors must organize an event open to the public in order to graduate, and senior, Brijae, planned for a fashion show! (We would have done the same thing too!)

Although it was rather last minute (she picked up the clothes from Telegraph the day before and left our racks bare), it all worked out. Things didn't go quite according to her plans, but that's just one of those lessons you learn from to make you grow (I remember during our fashion show at the Glas Kat....two of our models were kicked out of the club, our set was cut off early, and male strippers went on stage before us!). Like always, the show must go on...and it sure did!

Brijae's group of models were a breeze to work with....they took our clothes and styled each other on their own, without much help from us, and we couldn't have done it any better! They all make great models!

the rack of clothes she picked out.

click to see more photos:

these models got ready in the school's fashion design classroom. it was so wonderful to see a room full of sewing machines....makes me wish we had that growing up. i had one class in 8th grade where i made a banana pillow...that's it!

the organizer, Brijae, wearing artiffact

rockin' rockill spiders

rockill giraffe tunic

artiffact/stormz "the bay" glow top

artiffact with hearts all over

calvin wearing rockill's virgin skeleton

keepin it king status in rockill


The models all walked out into a main room while others who hung around after school to support watched on. I stood "backstage" in the hallway to catch some photos before they did their walk. They all were great for the camera! Thanks so much for the great shots! I'll be sure to post those up soon!